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Today marks the anniversary of Jimmy Garoppolo signing his contract extension



We have entered a quiet period of the NFL season leading up to the NFL Combine. However, a year ago, things were not so quiet on this day. On February 8, 2018, Jimmy Garoppolo agreed to terms on a five-year contract worth up to $137.5 million. Garoppolo mentioned it on Instagram, and apparently Mike McGlinchey wanted to make sure Garoppolo knew his right tackle was thinking of him.

It’s not a simple process assessing the Garoppolo contract extension a year later. He tore his ACL, so we only got a limited view of what he might do. We can’t really hold that against the 49ers when they decided to extend him. But there are still folks who contend the team should have franchised him and waited to see how he did. I have little doubt those folks remain emboldened in with their preference.

Whatever the case, Garoppolo is making progress in his rehab by all accounts. He’ll hopefully be able to do some throwing at OTAs and minicamp, with the plan being for him to be ready to go at the start of training camp. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was placed on the PUP list on day one and then removed shortly after, but maybe he’ll just be ready to go on day one of training camp, and that’ll be that!

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